Friday, February 12, 2010

Confessions: Teacher Edition

  • 6:45 AM is way early. Way earlier than I'm used to seeing.
  • I forgot how much I miss being around kids all day.
  • I have the very best, most up-to-date technology in my classroom, which kind of makes me want to pee my pants.
  • I've been asked 456 times, "Are you nice?"
  • I respond with, "I can be, but not usually." which is a complete and total lie....most of the time.
  • I need new shoes. Comfortable ones.
  • I also need some brown earrings for the days when I wear brown.
  • The past two days I've been wearing my pearls because that's what a southern girl does.
  • Some of these kids think I'm from a foreign county because of the way I talk.
  • Speaking of foreign countries, I have two kids that don't speak English. Awesome.
  • My kids (and almost all the kids there) have FILTHY mouths.
  • For example, I said "nice" and they thought I said a-double-dollar-signs.
  • I had to make one of my class rules "NO PROFANITY" which is slightly ridiculous.
  • Despite that fact, I'm completely excited.
  • The dramatic change in lifestyle has left me exhausted. And my house is a hot mess. And the sink is full of dishes. And we aren't even going to talk about the laundry.
  • Did I mention that Monday I did a full house super clean?
  • Also, I need a nap. In a real bad way.
  • I need to see a chiropractor and have a full-body massage too.
  • Yesterday, the kids were reading a Black History month newspaper insert when a black girl said out loud, "I didn't know black people even went into space."

Ok. I must go fix my hair and put on my face now so I don't scare the children. Peace out, Yo.


w said...

i miss all the things we could be doing together. like... idk... watching percy.

what's gonna happen when harry potter comes out? what's gonna happen! there'll be a midnight showing, we know this. what's gonna happen!!!!

slivengo said...

Wow! You're awesome! And brave! I bet Ansleigh will have so much fun with Carrie and Faith! Emily was so happy there! Hoping and praying you all adjust quickly. :) Glad to hear that you had a good first few days back! Miss you guys!

Tanya said...


w said...

what's gonna happen with harry!

percy could have ruined us.

Much More Than Mommy said...

I'm laughing at the "nice" vs. A-double-dollar-sign thing still! Make 'em pay for cursing, Carrie, MAKE 'EM PAY!!

Kearsie said...

I just tried to say the word "Nice" in a big southern way and someone just gave me a dirty look.

I would avoid using "Nice" at all costs.