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Fitness & Weight Loss Journey: 30 Day Shred

Fitness & Weight Loss Journey: 30 Day Shred

Overview: This is a 20 minute intense workout by Jillian Micheals, one of the Biggest Loser trainers. The workout has three levels and she suggests starting at level 1 and working your way to level three. Since the workout is supposed to be for 30 days, I plan to spend 10 days on each level. Her workouts are based on what she calls the 3-2-1 method—3 minutes of strength, 2 minutes of cardio, 1 minute of abs. The only required equipment is a set of hand weights and a mat if you are going to work out on a hard floor.

Day 1, Level 1: This was not the first time I have done this workout. The first time I did it, I couldn’t even do the whole thing. Today, I struggled with the push-ups but I’ve always had a hard time with that, even when I was a three sport, super fit, teenage athlete. There is a cardio series where you do jumping jacks, then jump rope, then jumping jacks, and then jump rope again. I had to go pee right in the middle of it, even though I went to the bathroom right before I started. I’m going to blame this on birthing a child less than 4 months ago.  I should note that I also ran 2.5 miles today (several hours after completing this workout).

Day 2, Level 1: Today my oldest child was watching her favorite tv show, so I popped the DVD into my laptop and took it out on our screened in porch. I got a little sweatier than I did yesterday when I was in the air-conditioned house with a fan blowing on me. J I made it all the way through the first set of push-ups today but did have to take a short (super short!) break on the second round of push-ups. I also had to go pee during the jumping jacks/jump rope section again. I tried to hold it but for some reason, I just really had to pee. I stopped the DVD long enough to run in the house and go to the bathroom. I came right back out and picked it right back up. I was a little bit sore today and I definitely felt the burn a little more today than I did yesterday. Overall it was a good workout and I am seeing progress with my endurance.

Day 3, Level 1: I liked being out on the porch yesterday so I did that again today. The humidity makes me sweat a little more. I like to imagine I’m sweating off all my fat. Ha! Today I did all the push-ups except 1 (for both sets) which is a major improvement. I’m essentially doing all the more difficult level moves as opposed to the modified version offered with the exception of push-ups. Even in my teenage prime, I could not do a “man” push-up and I certainly don’t expect to be able to do one now. Another accomplishment of the day, I didn’t have to leave to go to the bathroom during the jumping jack/jump rope segment. Because of this, I definitely felt the burn more today than I have the past two days. I can see improvement and that gives me encouragement to keep at it. Also, I thought I saw a vague glimpse of a muscle in my arm. Score!

Day 4, Level 1: Today I was in a foul mood. I started this workout hoping that it would clear my mind and help ease my mood. It didn’t. Eldest Tot kept coming out and asking me questions every three minutes. I must admit that I didn’t give 100% today but I did do it and I did complete it. The cardio part (jumping jacks/jump rope) was still killer on my legs and the push-ups were a struggle but I did them.

Day 5, Level 1: Today I spent 11 hours in the car. It was 9:30 (but 10:30 for what my body is used to) before I started the workout, but it felt great to do it. The cardio was tough but I made it through. The push-ups were easier (not easy, just easier). I made it all the way through with no complaints.

Day 6, Level 1: I skipped Saturday and Sunday L I feel like a failure. I could give you a list of excuses, but that is just it, they are all excuses. Today I did my workout in the living room of my mom’s house while watching 3 kids. The kids did the workout with me and I ended up having to use Addisyn as hand weights the last 5 minutes because she was only happy if I was holding her. The cardio section with jumping jacks and jump rope was still very difficult but the rest of it was not so bad.  Today I also ran a mile and a half.

Day 7, Level 1: My nephew hid my hand weights from me so I had to hunt for about 20 minutes to find them. Ansleigh and Tyler did the workout with me while Addisyn napped in the swing. The cardio part was still difficult but I managed it without completely dying. Everything was much easier at the end-not sure why.

Day 8, Level 1: Everything was pretty much the same today except that I had to use Addisyn as my weights for some of it because she was fussing so much.

Day 9, Level 1: Did the workout from memory today. Did not play the DVD at all. I went back and checked and I definitely got all of it in.  I also ran 2.5 miles today.

Day 10, Level 1: Finished level 1!!!! Did it all! Some of it was still a little bit of a struggle but I’m really excited to be moving on to Level 2—partially because I’m sick of doing the same things over and over again, and partially because I have compared to pictures from Day 1 to Day 10 and there is a difference.

So far, I have lost 6 more pounds since I start the 30 Day Shred, but that could be because I am still counting calories, or because I've been amping up my running, or a combination of all three. I will have to say that I've begun to notice a lot more fatigue on my body. I'm not sure if my body just isn't used to this much exertion or if it really is a bit too much. I think it would be best suited to do on my days off of running as cross training but I'm going to try to stick to it and finish out my 30 days. 

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Gil Bergeron said...

It's a slow but successful weight loss journey! It's been a year and I'm sure you're already enjoying the fruits of your hard work. Exercise routines can be a lot harder when you're just starting, but it'll be easier when you've gotten used to it. How are you now? :)

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