Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Report Card

Not that I've needed much affirmation that teaching is where God wants me, but last week, I was reminded in a big, big way.

When I first got my kids, most of them had D's and F's and not a single kid had an A. They didn't care about anything and just wanted to skate by. Last week, 3rd 9 weeks grades were due. I have four classes totaling around 100 kids; only two students had an F and it is because they never come to school. At least ten of my students had A's and at least another twenty had B's. I was so proud of THEM (not me, I didn't do anything) that I bragged to everyone I saw. My kids are working and trying and some of them even like to come to class. What a blessing!!!!

On Thursday, I had my first teacher evaluation. I was a little anxious about it but not terribly nervous. I warned the kids as they were coming in that the Vice Principal would be coming in to watch me teach and they kept saying, "Don't worry, Mrs. Friday. We got yo' back." Haha!

Friday afternoon I went down to go over my evaluation. I got all "effective" marks (the highest you can get) and this is what she wrote about me:

Mrs. Friday teaches English II and satisfies all teacher competencies. She took over another teacher's class during the third nine weeks and quickly earned the respect of her students. Mrs. Friday also serves as the head cheerleading coach.

Mrs. Friday begins class promptly, sets a tone that is conducive to learning, and utilizes classroom time effectively. She posts the objectives as well as the agenda on the board; she also posts the weekly schedule of extra-curricular activities. She presents information associated with the objective in a manner that engages the interests of the students. There is good student-teacher interaction.

Mrs. Friday has established an excellent rapport with her colleagues, students, and parents. She meets all deadlines and responsibilities promptly and professionally; she supports administration and has assisted us whenever asked.

Mrs. Friday maintains a positive and encouraging atmosphere; she uses specific praise. She employs a variety of strategies and assessments to meet her students' needs and measure achievement.

Mrs. Friday is a team player. She is an asset to Heritage High School.

Needless to say, I was thrilled and brought it home and put it on the fridge. I guess I got an A on my report card too :)


Lacey said...

Congratulations! That's awesome! That must make you feel so good to know that they love having you there as much as you love being there. Good job, Mrs. Friday! :-)

habecker said...

okay, so it is inaccurate to say it isn't you. to some extent it is you. you have been gifted to teach and it's showing that you teach well which brings glory to our Lord.

so yeah. it definitely has something to do with YOU!

you rock!

w said...

good for you, mrs. friday. also. when do i start my asst cheer coach position???? i want to yell at kids!

Much More Than Mommy said...

Great job! Not surprising at all!

Rachel said...

Totally not surprised! :)