Tuesday, January 20, 2009

An Update of Sorts

For those of you who are following me on my journey to being better (as per my goals for the year), I thought I'd update you on how I'm doing.

In case you've forgotten already, here are the goals that I set:
  • Exercise more.
    -I really want to be much more aware of the physical activity I am or am not doing. Recently I've started a "From the Couch to 5K" training program. We'll see how that goes. Running makes my side hurt.
  • Eat healthier
    -seriously. less fried foods (french fries included). less sugar (sweet tea included). more water (in place of the tea). NO COOKIES. They are from the devil and make me fat.
  • Spend less moolah.
    -I want to be more aware of what I am actually spending our money on. No more frivolous spending. No more, "oh this is on sale which makes it $200 less that what it would have been." If I don't need it, Ansleigh doesn't need it (and seriously, what does she need?), or Anthony doesn't need it, it isn't coming home with me.

As for the exercising,
I'd say I'm doing moderately to fairly well. I have been getting out and running/walking, but not quite as often as I'd like. On the days I haven't gotten "out there," I have done indoor exercising (crunches, leg lifts, crawling races with Ansleigh..lol). I've discovered that it is so much easier to run without Ansleigh (as she tends to throw things out of the stroller), but it is difficult to be consistent and go without her and not be running in the darkness. Also, I have to base everything around her schedule, when she's napping or eating, her crankiness level (she's been teething and extremely irritable lately). Basically, I'm trying, but I haven't gotten consistent yet. Continue to pray for motivation for this.

As for the healthy eating,
I generally eat very healthy (especially when we are home in Florida) so it is a little more difficult for me to describe how I'm doing on this part. I will tell you that I'm not pleased with myself in this department. I quit drinking sodas several months ago and only rarely have one...for example, maybe 1/2 of a can once every three weeks. Well, Saturday I had 1/2 a medium coke. Sunday morning I had a canned cherry coke, and at lunch I had coke too!!!! Devil! I noticed that I justified the two on Sunday...nothing but coffee or soda at church and yall know I don't drink coffee. At lunch, Subway didn't have tea and I didn't want water. Bad girl. Very bad girl.

Also, I'm always pretty good about what I eat for breakfast and lunch. My problem with dinner comes in my portion size. I always put too much on my plate and then eat it all. Ugh. I have been doing better with that, although I find myself STARVING somewhere between 9 pm and midnight each night. So I get a snack. Occasionally I've had an ice cream sandwich (yes, I know it's bad for me...high fructose corn syrup and all) and I do some extra sit-ups for it. I've been really, really bad about snacking on apple slices all day. ALL DAY. Apple slices? Those are good for me, except when I sit there and dip them in a jar of Nutella all day and then lick the Nutella off my fingers...haha. I shouldn't laugh. I know it's bad, but I just can't help it. If you could see me licking the last drops of it off my fingers, you'd laugh too.

I will say I have done excellent on the "no fried foods" part. Not so excellent on the more water, less tea part. Lately I've been doing less tea, more organic chocolate milk. I can't decide if that is better for me or worse? I pat myself on the back for being pretty good about the cookies. I ate two in Sunday School but that's b/c I had no breakfast, was starving, and that is all that was available at the time. .....but they were small cookies!!!!!

As for the spending less money,
For the most part, I have done very well with this. I've stopped myself from buying various cleaning products, canned goods, and other things that I wanted to get. Why did I stop myself? Because we already had them and weren't close to being out of them. I'm terrible about buying stuff just because I see it and I know eventually it will get used. Seriously. We have like 7 bottles of toilet cleaner in the bathroom. I feel I've earned a gold star for that. I even stopped myself from buying ORGANIC butter because we still have plenty. That was a hard one. I will buy the organic butter...just not until we run out.

I've been buying Ansleigh clothes/shoes for spring/summer but I've done very well. I know everybody thinks my kid has tons of clothes...and by the time it is spring/summer she probably will have a ton of clothes, but as of right now, she really doesn't have anything to wear. AND, as I have been dubbed the "Ebay Queen," I should share the knowledge that right now everyone is selling spring/summer clothes. Closets are being cleaned out all across America and last year's boutique clothes that got shoved to the back of the closet and never worn are now being listed on ebay. Basically what I am telling you is that I have been spending some money, but not frivalous money. I have gotten several "steals" which has impressed hubs. :)

Honestly, I feel this is the department I've done the best in. The only "frivalous" thing I have bought is a $2 rubber ducky for Ansleigh. BUT IT WAS A CHEERLEADER. I could not help myself. She loved it...and more importantly, so did I. Other than that, I've done well. I should fess up that I spent more than I should have on her "Easter Egg Hunt" outfit but I still got an amazing bargain on it....I just paid more than I normally would. And when you see it, you will pee in your pants at the cuteness. Seriously.

Anyway, there's the update.

Love yall. Pray for me. And if you are in charge of snack for church, bring something healthy!!!!!

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