Sunday, January 11, 2009

More of a Goal...

I really have never been that into New Year's Resolutions (yes, I realize it is well past the first of the year).

I hear about resolutions all the time.

This year I am going to lose 10 pounds, stop eating junk, break up with my boyfriend, whatever.

No offense, but I think those super broad, cheesy goals are stupid. Just plain stupid. And people always seem to fail. Most of the time, they don't even remember their resolutions past February.

However, I do feel like the start of a new year is a great time to set some goals. Realistic ones. And because you are my friends/loved ones/adoring fans, etc. , I have decided to share these with you so you can help me out/keep me accountable or simply just not point and laugh if I do, in fact, fail.

With that, in no particular order, here are my goals for this year:
  • Exercise more.
    -I really want to be much more aware of the physical activity I am or am not doing. Recently I've started a "From the Couch to 5K" training program. We'll see how that goes. Running makes my side hurt.
  • Eat healthier
    -seriously. less fried foods (french fries included). less sugar (sweet tea included). more water (in place of the tea). NO COOKIES. They are from the devil and make me fat.
  • Spend less moolah.
    -I want to be more aware of what I am actually spending our money on. No more frivolous spending. No more, "oh this is on sale which makes it $200 less that what it would have been." If I don't need it, Ansleigh doesn't need it (and seriously, what does she need?), or Anthony doesn't need it, it isn't coming home with me.
That last one will probably be the hardest for me. Probably because I am an excellent justifier. Seriously. Just ask my little green debit card or my husband.

Pray for me. Check up on me. Don't tempt me. For this is love.

Love Yall :)

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